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Internet Banking & Bill Pay

Enjoy access to your financial information from anywhere at anytime.  Business Internet Banking allows you the ability to grant multiple users access, pay bills, make transfers, and download account information to financial management software like QuickBooks.

ACH Services

Looking to offer your employees Direct Deposit, collect dues, or pay your vendors electronically?  ACH Services gives you the flexibility and the tools you need to move funds with ease electronically.

Remote Deposit

Make deposits to your business checking account 24/7 with Remote Deposit.

Positive Pay

With SBW’s Positive Pay fraud protection, business customers will enjoy an added level of security.  Customers using Positive pay will receive system notifications automatically as it cross-references checks presented to the bank for payment versus a data file for payments the customer has authorized.  Any exceptions (in check number, account number, or dollar amount) will be presented to the customer for a Pay or Reject decision.  Customers will also be notified when an ACH transaction posts to their account so they can choose to Pay or Reject, or automatically allow identical ACH transactions in the future.

Online Wires

Need to move funds for a closing or to make a payment?  With Online Wires you can send funds electronically with same day processing.

Payments Reporter

Receive a daily report, safely in an encrypted email, of electronic credits and debits posted to your business account.  

Merchant Credit Card Services

Savings Bank of Walpole has formed an alliance with BluePay to offer you a full service credit card acceptance program to meet your business needs. A few of the many benefits you will enjoy by processing with BluePay are:

  • Competitive processing rates
  • Exceptional Help Desk service available 24X7 for your convenience
  • MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover acceptance
  • PIN-based debit
  • PCI Certified and Compliant
  • New or refurbished point-of-sale equipment
  • Internet and software solutions available
  • Fraud Management Tools
  • Tokenization
  • Smart Phone & Tablet Processing Solutions
  • Accounting Software integration
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • A+ BBB Rating

Whether you are a new or established business, a BluePay representative will assist you with evaluating your credit card processing needs. Competitive rates and equipment options will be provided to you within 24 hours and your account can typically be set up within 5 business days. Credit card acceptance is proven to increase your business' sales volume. Expand your payment options today by accepting credit cards, and watch your business grow.

To find out more about this comprehensive service, contact a branch representative or call BluePay at 1-800-350-2983. Click on Merchant Credit Card Services above to visit the BluePay website and learn more.


The anywhere, any day, any time touch-tone banking service. TellerPhone gives you instant access to your account information and lets you make fund transfers ... from any touch-tone telephone.