Consumer Fraud Protection

Fraud can appear in many forms -- don't let it turn your life upside down.

Join us on Wednesday, October 24 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at our 84 Marlboro Street location for Consumer Fraud Prevention and Protection. This informative seminar will feature Savings Bank of Walpole's eBanking Officer Ingrid Hebert and VP Retail Administration Dominic Perkins, who will discuss different types of consumer fraud -- how to detect it and how to protect yourself against it.

This free seminar will cover:

  • Cyber threats and how to help protect yourself from spam, scams, phishing and malware.
  • Ways to help ensure transaction account safety -- including examples of common scams, debit card protection measures, handling suspicious account transactions and tips on how to prevent wire fraud.
  • And more...

For more information or to register, please fill out our registration form or call Kendra Carter at (603) 355-1609.