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Additional Services

Debit MasterCard®

Use your Debit MasterCard® anywhere MasterCard® credit cards are accepted. Or access your cash at ATMs 24 hours a day.

Learn more about your Debit MasterCard®

Official Checks / Money Orders

  • Available at any of our branches
  • One free per day for Savings Bank of Walpole customers

Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Available at North Meadow Plaza and Marlboro Street branches
  • Save $5 by having your checking or savings account debited for payment
  • Several sizes available to protect your valuables

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers (Domestic and Foreign) can be transacted at any of our branches. Wire Transfer requests must be received by the bank by 12:00 pm EST for International Wires and 2:00 pm EST for Domestic Wires.

  • Safe
  • Immediate availability

More Services

  • Bank-By-Mail
  • Notary services
  • Signature guarantee
  • Gold and Silver Coins for sale
  • Night Depository 
  • Foreign Currency (Canadian, Euros, and Pounds)