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Use TellerPhone 24 hours a day any day.  Its absolutely free. Even the call is free when you are traveling and use our Toll Free number 1 (877) WALPOle or 1 (877) 925-7653.

TellerPhone is for all Savings Bank of Walpole customers.  With TellerPhone you can obtain instant access to all of your Savings Bank of Walpole accounts for:

  • deposited checks
  • current balance
  • deposit and withdrawal history
  • CD and IRA maturity dates
  • ATM transaction history
  • interest accumulated on savings
  • dates and amounts of last loan payments
  • date and amount of next loan payment
  • interest paid on loans
  • fund transfers between your SBW accounts (check your account disclosures for limitations)

Also obtain the following:

  • current savings and loan rates
  • on-line loan calculator