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Stop Payment

Submit a "written" stop payment request to the bank by entering information in each required field. Start within the Services Menu and select Stop Payment. To place a stop on a single check, select Single Check. If you would like to stop payment on a series of checks, select Multiple Checks.

If you submit your stop payment request from within internet banking, your request is considered a written request. The stop payment request shall remain in effect for six months or until written notice is received from you to revoke the stop payment order, whichever occurs first. You may renew the request when the six month period has expired by submitting a new stop payment request order. You will incur stop payment charges as disclosed in the current fee schedule for the applicable account.


To notify the bank of an updated address, phone number and/or an email address, go to the Services Menu and click on Change of Address. Complete the form and click Submit.

Add External Account

To request the ability to make transfers between your account at another financial institution and SBW you will need to submit a request. To get started go to the Services Menu and click on the Add External Account.

To add an external account you will need the external account number, the routing or aba number, and the account type.

Limits, disqualifying events and cut-off times

  • Daily maximum limit is $5000.00
  • Savings Bank of Walpole may reduce the limit as stated above or terminate this service without prior notice upon occurrence of a Disqualifying Event. Each of the following is a "Disqualifying Event":
  1. Any of your accounts with SBW are not current or in good standing
  2. You have had an overdraft, an over-limit item or an item returned for insufficient funds with respect to any SBW deposit account during the current or 3 prior calendar months
  3. You have had any prior transfer canceled or revoked due to insufficient funds, or any similar reason
  4. Other circumstances at Savings Bank of Walpole's discretion
  • External transfers requested after 3:00 pm will be processed on the next business day.
  • Savings Bank of Walpole is unable to guarantee the date a transfer from your external account will be complete. However, depending on the date and the time of day of your request, it should be complete in 3 bank business days.

Verifying an External Account 

The Account Verification page lists the external accounts that you have requested, along with the status of the link.

To verify an external account

  1. Go to the Services Menu and click Verify External Account
  2. Click or tap the account that you want to verify
  3. In the Verify Deposit Amounts area, enter the amounts of the two deposits that we made to the external account
  4. Click or tap Continue   



After verification, the external account appears in the list of accounts that you can use in transfers.