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Local Business Banking at Beeze Tees

Best bank for a community business? Ask a Local. Local bank. Local people. Local decisions. As owner of Beeze Tees, Tim Pipp’s success is the result of attention to detail, producing quality products and providing great customer service. When it comes to business banking, Tim knows a good fit when he sees it—for him, that’s […]

Open an SBW Account Online

The best local bank makes it easy to open an account online. At Savings Bank of Walpole, we think banking should be convenient for you – that’s why we make it quick and easy to open an account online. Whether you’re opening an SBW truly free checking, savings, money market or CD account online, you can do […]

Fee Free Checking

No need to squint to read the fine print – our personal checking really is fee free. BANK WHERE YOU’RE TREATED LIKE A LOCAL. As our community’s local bank, Savings Bank of Walpole is committed to being customer focused and community-centered in everything we do. That means we only offer products and services that are […]