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Home Page


When you login to Internet Banking you will see a list of all your accounts. Accounts on which you are primary and joint owner on will be automatically linked to your Internet Banking.

To modify an existing group name click on the pencil icon ( . To print the list of your accounts you will need to click on the printer icon.

To change the nicknames of your accounts and order in which they appear go to the Settings Menu and Account Preferences.

Your Account Summary view will give you an overview of your accounts.

Creating Groups

You can use the Account Grouping feature to customize the appearance of the Home page. If using a mouse, click an account tile, hold the mouse button, drag the tile to a new location, and release the mouse button. On a mobile device, tap a tile, drag it to a new location, and lift your finger to drop it in that location.

To create a new account group, click or tap an account tile and drag it to the New Group icon ( that appears while a tile is being moved.

When the tile is "dropped" on the New Group icon, the following field appears. Enter a name for the new group and click the check mark button to save the changes.


Home Menu

From your home menu you can navigate to other pages within Internet Banking.

Messages grants you the ability to send SBW secure messages and include attachments.

Transactions holds the following submenus:

  • Transfers
  • Bill Pay
  • Loan Payments
  • Mobile Deposit (Only available on the SBW App)
  • Deposit Only Accounts
  • Activity Center

Locations allows you to view all SBW branch and ATM locations.  You will have access to each location contact information, hours, and directions.

Services holds the following submenus:

  • Stop Payments
  • Statements
  • Statement Stuffers
  • Statement Delivery
  • Reorder Checks
  • Change of Address
  • Add External Account
  • Verify External Account

The Help button is a direct link to an online module. It contains information on all available options within Internet and Mobile Banking and detailed instructions on how to use them.

Settings holds the following submenus:

  • Alerts
  • Online Profile
  • Account Preferences
  • Security Preferences
  • Text Banking
  • Mobile Deposit Enrollment
  • Themes

Log Off properly ends your online session. We encourage all our users to use this option instead of closing hte browser.